Affiliate Marketing: Organic Traffic Strategies

It’s that simple.

Of course there is the part of SEO, which is search engine optimisation  

But that’s secondary…

The key to getting a lot of organic traffic from search engines and achieving unpaid passive commissions is …


If you are able to create quality content on a daily basis, you will start to attract an audience committed to you and the commissions will come by themselves.

How To Get Organic Traffic From Social Networks

There are things that are unique to social media. For example the Engagement.

There are very good people achieving engagement.

If you really feel like this is your thing and you understand platforms intuitively, the following is highly recommended:

  • Choose 1 or 2 platforms maximum
  • Focus on creating a lot of valuable native content
  • Be a master of the engagement generation

Let’s outline each of them.

” Choose 1 or 2 platforms maximum “

This is simple, it is better to be active in 1 or 2 social networks, than in 5.

If you put in a lot of time and effort it simply won’t give you great results and you will go crazy …

The least you will get if you are spread over 5 different platforms are commissions.

” Focus on creating a lot of valuable native content “

Talking about native content, it is that you use the same platform for it.

For example:

On Instagram, the most native content is Stories and there are people who are influencers doing Stories that generate a lot of engagement and also get a lot of followers and traffic.

One way to do it on Instagram is by asking questions:

This way you can generate a lot of engagement.

“Be a master of the engagement generation”

Both on Facebook and Instagram, videos are what generate the most reach.

Create a short video every day and upload it.

Put relevant hashtags for your niche and over time you will realize that content is generating more results.

On Facebook upload it as public, then upload it to your Fanpage, and share it in groups.

Remember, be consistent.

That’s it, there are no more amazing secrets to social media.

Each traffic platform is a topic in itself and you will most likely make a post for each of them, there are even courses focused on monetizing Instagram. But the important thing is the fundamentals that will be explained to you in these tips.

If you follow them, you will generate a lot of organic traffic from social networks

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Organic Traffic

Let’s now look at the advantages and disadvantages of working with Organic Traffic.

Advantages Of Organic Traffic

It’s Free. -This is the most obvious advantage.

All those who are looking for more organic traffic are looking to generate more commissions without having to pay for traffic. Now the reality is that organic traffic does pay, and it pays on time.

When you create content for your YouTube channel or Blog, it will take time for it to be of quality, add the hours of research on the subject, editing, etc.

So it is free, in terms of money, but it is paid with time.

You Can Target Savvy Buyers

This is a more specific advantage of organic search engine traffic, and that is because they work with keywords, sometimes there are keywords with high purchase intent.

For example:

If your niche is dating/relationships and you are promoting a product for that.

When you do your keyword research you realize that the following keyword exists:

” How can I save my marriage”

Then you realize that you have considerable monthly search volume and relatively low competition.

You create a video responding to that problem, or an article on your blog and..


Remember, people searching for that keyword are in so much pain that if you were able to give them a lot of value and make a sincere recommendation to solve that problem, then they are going to trust your other recommendations..

Getting Organic traffic from social media takes less time

In social networks this is somewhat more difficult, but if you are on Facebook and you go to a Facebook group about problems in marriage and you upload a good video that generates engagement, the people of that community will eventually connect with you and you can make them a recommendation more directly.

Search engine traffic is the one that takes the most time of all, depending on the competition it can take from weeks to months to rank and get a considerable number of visits.

How To Get Organic Traffic For Your Affiliate Business?

Getting organic traffic for your affiliate marketing offers is not difficult if you know the route.

Organic Traffic Strategies

We are going to categorize the strategies to acquire organic traffic based on the time it will take us to get it.

1. Long-Term Organic Traffic Strategy

This strategy is mainly based on attracting traffic from Google through SEO optimised content, using a blog.

Organic Traffic, Tutorials

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Depending on the competition, it can take you from weeks to months to position yourself.

This type of traffic is the most stable and scalable of all organic traffic sources.

In the first few months you can go from having a few hundred visits to eventually having millions of monthly visits.

It is a strategy that you have to consider applying within your affiliate marketing business.

2. Medium-Term Organic Traffic Strategy

This strategy is based on driving traffic from YouTube with SEO optimized content from YouTube .

Depending on your competition, it can take from days to weeks to position for a video.

It is a traffic with a great capacity to generate rapport, trust and authority.

And that can help you get commissions much easier if you dare to go on camera, use it to your advantage.

YouTube has the potential to make you a celebrity within your niche.

3. Short-Term Organic Traffic Strategy

Here comes the social networks.

Generating traffic on social networks can take a few minutes, depending on the platform.

The best ways to generate short term organic traffic are:

  • Be active in communities on Facebook
  • Participate in forums in your niche like Reddit
  • Participate in Telegram and WhatsApp channels

How To Get Organic Traffic From Search Engines

First define what you are, what you like and what you are good at.

The 3 main categories are:

  • I am a writer
  • I am a communicator
  • I am a presenter

When you have finished writing your blog posts, try to share it on social networks, in Facebook groups, etc.

Consistency on a content creation platform is the key to getting a lot of organic traffic and generating a lot of commissions!

Remember, enjoy the process 😉