Affiliate Marketing in 2021: What Is It And How To Make Money Using It?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of Internet-based sales. With affiliate marketing, a business uses a large number of affiliates who advertise products or services to earn a commission over the Internet.

How Does the Affiliate Earn Money?

The affiliate receives remuneration for a specific action.

Payment per sale. 

The affiliate receives a commission when the visitors that are redirected from his/her site to the creator of the product become buyers.

Pay per lead. 

With pay per lead a commission is received for each lead generated.

How Does the Affiliate Know That The Customer Has Bought Something?

As soon as the affiliate visitor clicks on one of the advertising links (or affiliate link), a cookie is saved for the visitor. If the visitor buys something now, they inevitably land on the order completion page. (or what is called a thank you page).

A script is embedded in the source code of this page, which checks if the buyer has received a cookie from an affiliate. If so, the script transmits the information to the software or affiliate network and the sale is displayed there.

Is It Worth it ?

Now that you know how affiliate marketing works. To earn money you need a website that has regular visitors and in which you can include advertising.

You must keep these questions in mind:

  • How familiar are you with the internet, SEO, etc?.
  • What kind of website do you want to make?.
  • How much time do you want to invest?.

What Are The Chances of Making Money?

There are two ways to place advertising, either promoting  a product directly, or as display advertising, which is placed around the content of the website.

With “direct” advertising the click-through rate can be assumed to be 20-70%, which means that out of 100 visitors only 20-70% click on the advertising link and enter the offer. Now visitors visit the website, but that doesn’t mean they buy something right away.

One of the inherent characteristics of affiliate marketing is transparency, and that applies to the relationship between all parties involved. A successful business is one that produces income on a sustained basis. And, for that, you need to build a long-term relationship with customers.

Consequently, the basis for earning income through affiliate marketing is that you be honest. No product or service, no matter how excellent, meets the needs of all customer profiles. Therefore, it is important that you do not try to present it as a universal solution. Instead, detail its attributes in a way that makes it clear to what type of consumer it might be useful.

In order to achieve this, the most advisable thing – especially if you are addressing an audience that knows you – is that you have tried what you are going to recommend, and that it has met or exceeded your expectations. In case you haven’t tried it, the ideal would be that you have at least experience with other products offered by the same seller. And that, in addition, you have carried out an exhaustive investigation of the characteristics of what you are going to promote.

Remember that, if you work with your personal brand, your credibility is the most valuable capital you have. Don’t risk it in an effort to earn money quickly. Think long-term and bet on recommending quality products and services that are aligned with the interests of your audience.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth A Startup Or Not? 

Anyone who comes across this way of making money, either by accident or because someone was looking for a method to make money online, is probably asking this question. But to be able to evaluate whether affiliate marketing is appropriate, you must first know what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

How To Get Traffic For Your Affiliate Business

What Is Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is correctly defined as any visit coming from a search engine result like Google.

That is, people are looking for something and the result of that answer is generally content that answers the questions that users are asking about that particular market niche .


That is the version let’s say ” Academic ” from digital marketing.

For us who do digital business and have affiliate marketing as one of the main sources of income, we will define organic traffic in a different way …

Organic traffic for us will be: 

” Any visit to our offer from a platform for which we have not paid .”

So you are attracting ” Organic Traffic from Instagram “.

For us organic traffic can come from different sources.

Simply put, organic traffic is ” free ” traffic .

Types Of Organic Traffic

As we already defined our own non-academic version of organic traffic.

Then it’s time to define the types of organic traffic you can get.

Go for it.

Traffic From Search Engines

This traffic comes from sources that work in relation to results for a keyword.

Any platform that has a search engine basically works under this logic, the only difference lies in the number of users consulting topics on it.

The search engines with the highest users are:







Some of them work like a search engine hybrid social network, so we’ll put them in both categories.

YouTube is an example of this.

It works mainly as a search engine, but it also has algorithms regarding likes, shares, content relevance, votes, etc.

Pinterest too, is mostly considered a social network, but it is also a powerful search engine.

Currently the most used social platforms are:









Each of them has multiple dynamics.

For example, on Instagram, you have many ways to generate traffic, either through posts and hashtags related to your topic, as well as through Stories.

On Facebook you have your personal profile, where you can publish in public mode and be accessible to everyone, there are also Facebook groups and not long ago Stories for Facebook were also included.

Each social platform has a unique dynamic, as well as its own algorithm that rewards some over others.

Organic traffic from social networks is a topic for a post in itself, so we will save it for another occasion 

How To Get Organic Traffic

Let’s now get to the interesting thing, how you can get organic traffic for your affiliate business or affiliate marketing .

First, we have to establish priorities, and here we enter a field that is more subjective than objective.

There is always the debate between organic traffic from search engines versus organic traffic from social networks.

SEO vs Social networks

There are people who break it on social networks, even on just one platform.

Lots of the affiliates who earn thousands of dollars and have focused only on organic traffic from Instagram for example.

There are other people who break it with their YouTube channels and basically just Vlog and get a lot of commissions …

Which organic traffic is better?

Most affiliate marketing online courses focus on one traffic source and short-term techniques .

If you notice, here, ‘SEO’ is presented as your Organic Traffic.

This is because it is important to give top priority to content that can be indexed in a search engine.

This has many advantages.

The main one is that the traffic coming from search engines, such as Google or YouTube, has a high degree of passivity.

On the other hand, content on social networks generally has a pick and disappears in a short time.

Traffic behavior on Social Networks

Both types of organic traffic, both search and social networks have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to get a high amount of traffic, with high duration and retention, and that is scalable.

SEO behavior

The advantage of organic traffic SEO is that it is cumulative and scalable.

Once you get a good volume of organic search traffic, you will start to passively earn commissions for your offers and that is what we are looking for.

Make it a priority that your organic traffic comes from search engines.

Thanks to this traffic when you wake up in the morning you will see the notifications coming through your phone. ( AKA make money while you sleep )

Isn’t it a great way to start the day?

How To Make Money using Affiliate Marketing in 2021?


If you are a writer, don’t think twice, start a blog as soon as possible.

If you have always liked writing and have confidence.

Blogs are gaining quite an audience and for some affiliate marketers this has become a good way to promote affiliate links to earn unlimited commissions.

What most people don’t know is that their passion in writing and helping other people through (blog tutorials) could turn out to be something that could pay the bills! How cool is that?


Now, if you are a great communicator, you like to talk about a topic that you are passionate about (your niche), give it a lot of thought, interview people or talk to more people …

There are millions of people listening to podcasts on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes and many others where you can share your episodes.


On the other hand, if you are more of a presenter, you like to go on camera, you are more spontaneous with a topic, maybe you like video editing, then congratulations… YouTube is definitely your thing!

In that case grab your phone, start talking and teaching everything you can about your niche .


Today more than ever if it is worth it, affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions for sales of hundreds of products that you can market right now.

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful thing to generate sales with your website, but that does not mean that revenue comes from it alone. With every website, you have to ask yourself if your own content is better than that of the other website operators. The better your home page, the more you can earn.

And the most important thing – always give value, value over everything you do. The rest comes by itself.